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TRAP NEUTER RETURN tnr feral cat community cat

Have feral cats that need to go through TNR but you don't own an appropriate humane trap?

Check out our trap loan program!

humane trap tnr trap neuter return

No appointment needed!

Online booking is available if you want to secure a spot!

online appointments are only reserved until 10am and then will be deleted

Now accepting cats in

appropriately sized traps (one cat per trap)

Monday-Thursday 7:30 am -3 pm.

Accepting 50 trapped cats per day

  • If the cat in a trap is not going to be returned to its natural habitat, is able to be safely handled and/or is going to be adopted, it does not qualify for our TNR program.  Please make an owned appointment for these cats.

  • For your safety and our staff’s safety, ALL Community cats MUST be delivered in a humane trap to receive the discounted TNR pricing or will be declined for surgery.  

  • Community cats will have their ears tipped- NO EXCEPTIONS  This is a universal indication to other TNR participants that this cat has already been altered and that the cat, if trapped, should be released.  If not wanting an ear tip or cat is going to be put into rescue, schedule an owned cat appointment.

  • Surgery will be performed as soon as possible, but same day surgery is NOT guaranteed. Surgery is dependent upon the time the animal arrives at the clinic and our surgery load.

  • Community cats may stay the night (up to 24 hours) after their surgery in the clinic to give them time to rest and remain quiet. Same day pick up may be available dependent on the time the cat gets out of surgery but it is not guaranteed. Community cats that are boarded at our clinic for a longer duration than the 24 hours post-surgery will accrue a $20/day boarding fee.

  • Cats will have food and water provided, as well as be kept warm/cool, clean and dry.

  • Our staff will call you to let you know when to pick up trapped cat and taken to their natural habitat and released.

Community Cat Package - $46


Rabies vaccination

FVRCP vaccination

Flea prevention

Ear tip (REQUIRED)


Fees are subject to change without notice

Minimum trap size.
32L x 10W x 10H

tnr cat trap neuter return
ear tip trap neuter return tnr feral cat

Know what to expect after surgery...view our surgery instructions here

Why TNR? Read what Alley Cat Allies has to say about TNR here

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